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Since 1998,We,PU Source Co.Ltd, have been dedicated to producing Stress products of pu material for Promotional products. With our factory in Guangdon,China, our main product line include stress relievers, Anti-Slip Pad, Gel Products in the past. With our 40000-square- meters factory equipped 4-product line. That Help us turn out 300,000 unit of stress products and Anti-Slip pad. We have more years of manufacturing experience to make sure orders go smoothly. And we can deliver your orders on time.

Now, the originality of our products and efficent&better service has earned more business of retail chains and department stores throughout the US, Europe and other Markets. Retailers have found a ready demand for our products and keep their shelves stocked by us. We have now expanded our product line to Pen products, Key chain, PVC and Sponge and Other promotional product from our subsidiary and partner factories. We want to make whatever to meet the customer desires.

We make sure your catalog stays up to date with the latest in promotional product. To help you match your market expansion goals, we launch 60 new products each year. And each of our catalog items is fully customizable to your OEM/ODM needs. With our advanced plating equipment and variety of plating techniques from our manufacturing. Have an innovative team that takes care of custom projects. Our more years of promotional products experience mean we understand your sourcing expectations.

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We understand that whatever we can do to help our customers grow and be more successful, makes us more successful, too

Our Quality&Safety Standards

ISO 9001 is a quality assurance model made of quality system requirements. This model applies to organizations that produce, install, and service products. ISO expects organizations to apply this model and to meet these requirements by developing a quality system.
Each unit of Promotional products we produce must pass stringent quality control tests and procedures. Also, our Products meets European Standard on Safety of Toy and Australian Standard for Children’ Toys approval.

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